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Industrial & Residential Floor Coatings

Industrial and Residential Floor Coatings

Floor coatings are lasting surface treatments providing safety, easy cleaning, and an improved appearance. Typically concrete floors are smoothed to prepare the surface, removing contamination and any existing coating which creates a substrate acceptable for primer and coatings. However, we do not always need to abrade the surface down to bare concrete, this determination is up to the discretion and knowledge of our floor experts.

TECC Painting can recommend the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing floor coating for your project, call us now.

Floor coatings can go from “mild” to “wild” depending on your need. Industrial plants generally want a coating that is durable and will hold up to chemical resistance as well as vehicular traffic. Those coatings are pretty standard epoxy and urethane systems in solid colors and are durable and easily touched up if damaged.

That type of of system only grazes the floor coating possibilities. We can incorporate flakes of acetone dyes that react with the concrete to create a unique, one of a kind floor that is specific to your slab. Because it is a reactionary design, we never know how the look will turn out. We have seen what ends up looking like marbled veins and can encourage a pebbled look on the floor.

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