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Exterior House Painting - Our Process

TECC Exterior Process: Exceeding Expectations

When it’s time to repaint the exterior of your home, TECC Painting is the only call you need to make!

There are a lot of paint companies who will come to your house and offer discounted service. Those discounts come at a premium to you though, as you sacrifice quality for low cost. In the long run, working with discount painters will cost you more than money—it will cost you your time as well as unnecessary frustration.

The moment our crew shows up to your residence, they begin a process of evaluation. The first thing they look for are any areas that require extra caution: do you have overhead power lines, are there children or pets present, how close are the neighboring properties, etc. Once a safety check is performed, the crew leader will develop a game plan for surface preparation.

At TECC Painting we know that the quality of an exterior paint job is only as good as the prep that goes into it. It is pointless to paint over peeling paint, dirty siding, or rotten trim boards; that’s a recipe for disaster. That’s why our crews are meticulous in their approach to surface preparation. Once all rotted wooded has been replaced, peeling paint scraped, open cracks caulked, and exposed areas primed, we give your house a shower (power washing) to remove any dirt or grime that may be on the surface of your home.

Once we are certain your house is fully prepped for paint, our crew will spend a significant amount of time protecting all of your non-painted surfaces. They will go through and mask all of your windows and doors, tape and protect areas of brick and stone, provide ground cover to protect your flowerbeds, provide shielding for trees and shrubs that are close by, as well as move any outside furniture or play equipment that is at risk of being impacted.

After everything is fully protected, the fun part begins! A crew member will spray the body of your house using premium quality paint. If you’re making a color change, this is where you finally get to see that long anticipated change you have been imagining.

Once the body paint is fully dried, our team of expert paint professionals will begin to paint the trim, any accent colors as well as doors and shutters if they are part of your home’s architecture.

Throughout the entire process, our crew leader is constantly addressing quality, ensuring the highest standard of excellence. After our team is satisfied with the workmanship and the project is complete, they will invite you, the homeowner, to walk the project with them. Once you are satisfied with the quality of the project, our exterior painters will complete a thorough cleanup of your property, removing all paint-related debris. They will also return any furniture that was moved during painting.

Once your home is back to like-new condition, our exterior painters will do one final walk through just before they leave you to enjoy your newly painted home.

Customer service, attention to detail, expert craftsmanship—it’s the TECC way!

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