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Interior House Painting - Our Process

TECC Interior Process: Exceeding Expectations

What separates an average paint job from a superb paint job is what happens before paint is ever applied. When you work with TECC Painting on the interior of your home, you are getting a commitment to excellence at every stage of the painting process by our team of professional interior painters. That process begins the moment you first contact us. Our scheduler will work with you to establish a time for one of our estimators to come to your residence. You will notice that our estimator is more interested in asking you questions about the needs of your project than they are in trying to sell you something. After the scope of the project is fully understood, you can expect to receive a written estimate within 24 hours. You will know your exact cost before work ever begins. Once a contract is agreed upon, our office team will schedule one of our professional painting crews to come to your home to begin the work. Here is where our team really shines! When our crew of interior painters first step into your home, they begin a process of identifying any potential hazards as they perform a full safety check. Our team has been trained to treat your home as if it was their own. We use masking paper and drop cloths to protect everything in your house that could be interfered with while we are performing our work. Our team is more than happy to move furniture, take down window treatments, or do anything else that is necessary to make sure your belongings are protected. Once the job site is safe and your possessions are protected, we begin a meticulous process of prep work. We spend as much time as necessary to ensure that when we apply paint, the area we are applying to has been fully prepped. That ensures a final product that is fresh in appearance and is able to offer lasting longevity. Once we are certain that your interior project is fully prepped, our team of interior painters will begin to professionally apply paint or stain, depending on the scope of work. When they are finished, the portions of your home that we have painted will look like new. There will be no cracks or nails showing through, your texture will match, all lines will be crisp, and there will be no bleed through of previous colors. We will then clean up any debris, remove all protective coverings, and return any furniture that was moved to its original location. Once we are satisfied that the work meets our exacting standards, a crew leader will invite you to examine the project with him, giving you a chance to make note of anything that you would like addressed. If there is any item that needs addressing, it will be taken care of immediately. And finally, once we know you are completely pleased with your project, we will do one final walk through to make sure everything has been packed up. You are then left to enjoy your beautiful new space! From start to finish, you will experience TECC Painting to be a first rate partner.

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