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Lead-Based Paint Safety

The element lead is all around us – small amounts can be found in the air, the soil, the water, and in fossil fuels. Prior to 1978, lead was an ingredient in paint. If your home was built before that year, it may contain traces of lead.

Lead exposure can have scary consequences for babies, kids, and adults alike, but children under 6 are most likely to be affected. Long term effects of lead include:
-Learning disabilities and developmental delays
-Decreased bone and muscle growth
-Nervous system damage
-Kidney damage
-Hearing loss

Because of the danger, remodeling or repainting an older home should be done carefully. Federal law requires contractors to provide homeowners with a lead safety pamphlet before beginning work – the minimum amount of work is six square feet of interior work or 20 square feet of exterior work.

Before the work begins, you or your contractor should test the property for lead.

lead test






For more advice on working safely with lead, download the EPAs Don’t Spread Lead pamphlet at:

If you don’t plan on painting or remodeling any time soon, the EPA recommends inspecting paint and other surfaces regularly for damage that might result in lead leaching into your environment, such as gouges or scratches in on the walls.

Let TECC Painting help you paint your home safely. We are EPA certified lead-based paint containment contractors. Call us today at 719-577-9300 to schedule an estimate.



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