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How to Preserve the Charm of Your Old Home

Old monochrome photo of Cheyenne Mountain in the distance with two large houses in the foreground.

Cheyenne Mountain from the Antlers Hilton, circa 1901.












Founded in 1886, Colorado Springs has its share of original homes and buildings. From Old North End estates to west side charmers and hand-built craftsmen houses in the downtown area, it’s easy to see the pride our locals take in these wonderful homes.

Owning an older home comes with a unique set of challenges. Homeowners might struggle to maintain the character of the home while still enjoying amenities like sound-proof windows and a sharp, modern kitchen. Additionally, some of our older neighborhoods were built on sandy soil that shifts, causing damage to walls, ceilings, and concrete slabs over time. How can you keep your old house comfortable and in like-new condition?

Here are some tips!

Picture of a window in an old brick wall.

Keep the windows sealed to stay warm and dry.












Inspect Your Home Regularly
Some things you’ll notice – a new hairline crack in the plaster here, some tired looking paint there. Other things should be inspected for new damage every six to twelve months.
-Check chimneys and chimney bases for crumbling brick
-Check wood for rot, mold, and termite damage
-Check windows for air leaks, loose panes, and peeling/crumbling glaze
-Check the sealant or caulking around the window frames for wear and tear
-Check for loose or missing nails and screws
-Check flashing and any other metal fixtures for rust

Clean the Gutters Regularly
Clean the gutters on a regular basis to prevent damage from standing water.

Keep Siding and Trim Finished and Protected
Wood needs to be protected from the elements in order to last. Keep wood siding, trim, and patio rails in tip-top shape by keeping them sealed with paint or stain.

Be Mindful of Lead
Lead was an ingredient in paint prior to 1978. For more information, see our lead safety blog post.

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