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Pressure Washing

Having a surface cleaned with TECC Painting’s Pressure Washing can transform it into looking almost as good as it did when it was new, and with pressure washing, the additional step of painting the surface may not be required.

Grime and pollution builds up on exterior surfaces changing the fresh look into a dingy and dull appearance in place of what was vibrant and bright. During TECC Painting’s Pressure Washing process, we incorporate variable pressure settings and clean with environmentally friendly, mild chemicals to remove mildew, moss and other contaminates. A low pressure setting is typically used on EFIS and stucco, while a higher pressure is used with cement and masonry surfaces. Pressure washing can be a low cost solution to restoring your facade back to its original quality appearance.

TECC Painting can apply Pressure Washing to other surfaces. Cleaning any surface prior to applying coatings is an a integral step in other processes and TECC Painting has become quite adept in helping our customers prep a myriad of surfaces. For example, we can use hot water pressure washers to clean grease off of floors, machine pits or even baking racks at foo processing plants. The best way to determine if TECC Painting can be of help to your project is to give us a call today.

TECC Painting uses rotary surface cleaners attracted to our pressure washer to help aid in the cleaning of large concrete slabs and parking decks. Additionally, we can use our specialized nozzle attachments to remove failing coatings and matters like bubble gum or other items stuck on concrete. Our pressure washing aids in the removal of graffiti or other unwanted surface staining.

If you are looking for an efficient solution to address cleaning of a substrate prior to coating, contact TECC Painting now to discuss how power washing can address your surface preparation and cleaning needs.


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