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Professional Residential Concrete and Decorative Floor Coating

Over the years, your home will see quite a bit of wear and tear – from moving furniture and appliances, to the foot traffic from your family and guests, to the Colorado Springs weather. Protect your home from the top down, with our professional roof coating and floor coating services.

Residential Interior, Exterior, and Garage Coatings

The interior and exterior concrete of your home also warrants the same careful protection. With floor coatings, you can repair cracks and low spots, and protect the floor from future stains and cracks. Choose from a number of possibilities to create the floor coating of your choice.
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For both interior flooring and exterior concrete, we offer urethane epoxies and polyaspartic coatings.

The type of coating used depends on your need and your decorative preferences. Some coatings cure more quickly, making it possible to use the floor as soon as the next day. Slip resistance is another factor to consider in choosing your floor coating.

Whether you prefer white epoxy, metallic colors, or simply a concrete stain that allows the natural imperfections of the concrete to show through, we will apply it all.

The TECC Residential Roof and Floor Coating Process

With TECC’s professional roof and floor coating services your Colorado Springs home will be protected from the elements and boast a unique flair to fit your home’s design. We use only coatings of the highest quality and employ proper professional technique to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results.

What sets TECC Apart from the Competition?

TECC is committed to the utmost level of professionalism in our services, from our free, no-obligation inspection and estimate, to prepping the surface and applying the coating, to an efficient, thorough cleanup when the application is completed. We are roof and floor coating contractors you can trust.

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