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The TECC Warranty

We believe that a warranty should represent a bond of trust between a customer and a business. We also think it should be demonstrative of a company’s commitment to professional craftsmanship. We view our warranty not as a burden but as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our customers.
The TECC Warranty is very simple: If your paint fails for any reason outside of weather-related causes (e.g. a hail storm) in a two year period after we paint your project, we will come out and repaint the failing area at no charge to you. It’s that simple. No exclusions or legalese, just a promise from us to you.
Most paint companies can’t offer that type of warranty because they are unwilling to make the necessary commitment to surface preparation. We take every step of the paint process seriously, and that starts with prep. We spend significant time removing loose paint, fixing surface issues, replacing rotted wood, and applying the right primers and caulks for the paint to adhere to.
By the time we apply a finish coat, we are certain that the finished product will stand the test of time and that our warranty will never be tried.
With the TECC Warranty you are getting our promise to you that we will be with you for the long haul!

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